🔥 Crunch #033: Twitter Bookmarks Supercharged, Subscriptions for Shopify Stores

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🇺🇸 Dewey: Search, organize, and share all your Twitter bookmarks into your favorite note-taking tools. (Founded 2021, Total Funding Amount: bootstrapped)

How it works

Transform your Twitter bookmarks into organized collections of tweets and threads. Sort, tag, search, and export instead of burying them deeper with every new bookmark added.

Potentially, Dewey can become a platform that enables curators to build audiences and create collections of fascinating digital content.

Check out the “how-to-use Dewey” page for the full picture.

The Metrics

  • Launched ~15 days ago

  • 150 daily active users using the product. ~700 on the waitlist waiting to use it.

“We will likely keep the product free as our grander vision is to create an economy for curators much like we now see an economy for creators” — Co-founder, Yuriy

The Team

Based in San Francisco, US, co-founded by Yuriy Yarovoy, Tom Harari, and Alex Prober. The Dewey team is a powerhouse that consists of serial entrepreneurs. They have a lot of experience building and designing products.

The backstory

“Twitter can be the Library of Alexandria, a collection of deep knowledge and insight, but it lacks a good librarian to organize the texts.”

Dewey gives us a way to become our own librarians, curate our bookmarks, and if we choose, share them with the world.”

Why it’s worth checking out

I’m bullish on Twitter. I’m also bullish on apps that make Twitter a better place.

🇺🇸 Skio: Sell Shopify subscriptions without ripping your hair out. (Founded 2020, Total Funding Amount: undisclosed pre-seed round)

How it works

Shopify store owners install the app on their store and enable subscriptions for their products.

E-commerce subscriptions are popular among on-demand online stores. For instance, instead of buying coffee or tea from the grocery store, consumers buy a fresh coffee subscription.

With the subscription, you receive a fresh batch of coffee each month.

Group subscriptions are also a thing. The customer is happy because they get consistently lower pricing (vs. 1-time store credits) and merchants are happy when customers bring in friends at no cost.

The Metrics

I spoke with Kennan and unfortunately, he decided to keep the metrics private.

“We'll be featuring brands in our social proof logo section on our site as they come onboard. We'll be featuring brands in our social proof logo section on our site as they come on board. ” — Founder, Kennan Davison

The Team

Based in San Francisco, US, founded by Kennan Davison. Kennan worked as an engineer at Hulu where he built an app for managing subscription discounts.

Next, he worked as a growth engineer at Pinterest. At Pinterest, he ran 200+ A/B tests around increasing user conversions (affecting 400 million+ monthly users).

The backstory

Kennan said he’ll raise a seed round, but when the time is right. At the moment, he’s focusing his energy on making customers happy.

Why it’s worth checking out

I’m unequivocally bullish on Shopify. Both Shopify and Twitter are large platforms ripe for innovation.

What makes Shopify stand out is its app store. Akin to Apple, Shopify has a booming ecosystem of apps. I can’t wait to see what the future brings for Skio and Shopify.

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