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Without further ado, here are two brilliant startups changing the world!

🇺🇸 Churnkey: Helps SaaS businesses retain more customers with customized offboarding experiences. (Founded 2020, Total Funding Amount: bootstrapped)

How it works

Churnkey offers a series of incentives for customers to stay. Pauses, coupons, chat, phone support, and more.

The Team

Based in the US, Churnkey was co-founded by the founders of Wavve. The original team sold their project and moved onto building Churnkey.

The backstory

”Churnkey exists to make your SaaS business more money. And we know it works. On average, our customers see a boost of 42% in monthly revenue. That's just after the first month. We're already protecting $11 million in ARR.”

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 🇪🇪 Auve Tech: Develops and manufactures autonomous last-mile shuttles. (Founded 2017, Total Funding Amount: N/A)

Auve Tech already has a working four-wheeler on the road. Also, they’re exploring autonomous transportation systems. Maybe they’ll put together a fleet of shuttles?

How it works

Like any shuttle, it transports you from point A to point B. — But this shuttle doesn’t have a driver. Daring, yet exciting.

Auve is testing their shuttle in multiple countries, such as Estonia, and Finland.

“We proudly announce that our first foreign country project is now completed. It was a success and the feedback has been marvelous.” — Read the full case study here.

As of now, Auve is putting together a global expansion team. They’re planning to tackle the ambitious expansion plans of getting sustainable transportation solutions into our everyday life.

The Team

Based in Tallinn, Estonia. The CEO is Johannes Mossov. He has a strong background in the engineering field. 

The backstory

“We are glad that we have been able to cooperate with various universities and several enthusiastic students.

At Tallinn University of Technology, many smaller research papers have been developed from this project. The best fruits of this research have still been the people who have joined our team. Thanks to them, we have very good cooperation with universities.” — Johannes

CEO Johannes Mossov shared his vision on the future of sustainable, self-driving cars, and the secret to the quick success of Auve Tech. Read more about it here.

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