🚀 Crunch #035: API for Electric Vehicles and Hardware, Get Better at Twitter with Better Metrics

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🇳🇴 Enode: An API for EVs, and other energy-consuming products. (Founded 2020, Total Funding Amount: seed)

How it works

Enode develops APIs that connect electric vehicles, solar, batteries, and heating to energy-consuming products.

The SaaS-based platform integrates your hardware into the app.

This approach allows you to optimize energy consumption. It also helps to take part in flexible markets with connected hardware.

See the use cases section for the bigger picture of what you can do with Enode.

The Team

The Norwegian company was established in 2020 by Henrik Langeland, Nikolai Heum, and Thorvald Thorsnes.

The backstory

“We’re tackling the most important challenge facing us right now, which is to eliminate emissions from fossil fuels. Our vision is a world powered only by renewable energy.”

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🇬🇧 ilo: Understand how your tweets perform, so you can get better at Twitter. (Founded 2020, Total Funding Amount: bootstrapped)

"ilo" is the Finnish word for "joy"

How it works

Ilo gives you helpful tweet metrics. Based on the metrics, you gain a better understanding so you can grow both engagement and followers.

Here’s a working public dashboard. Go ahead, check it out.

The Team

Founded by Dan, a Brit in living Mauritius. He started building Ilo in 2020 July and launched it in 2020 September.

The backstory

Ever since Dan was a teenager, he has been designing and developing apps. He sold his previous app, tolta.co, and now is working on Ilo.

“I wanted to understand which of my tweets do well, and easily see follower growth” — Dan

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