🔥 Crunch #036: Dashboards for Engineering Leaders, Magical Visuals and Branding With No Effort

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🇺🇸 Okay: Actionable, plug-and-play dashboards for engineering leaders. (Founded 2019, Total Funding Amount: 2.4M seed)

How it works

Okay connects with the tools where your engineers already work. It also provides dashboards and insights that help you lead a high-performing team.

The Team

Based in San Francisco, US, co-founded by Antoine Boulanger and Tomas Barreto.

Antoine has led teams from 5 to 150 engineers in startups and big tech companies. Tomas worked as the VP of Engineering at a publicly traded company, Box.

The backstory

We made Okay because, as software engineers and then as managers, we were shocked by the lack of visibility into the bottlenecks that slow engineering teams down.

We decided to build an analytics tool on solid foundations — focusing on team signals as opposed to big-brother style monitoring of individuals, and giving our users the same amount of querying power they would expect from an APM or telemetry tool. — Antoine Boulanger, Co-founder and CEO @Okay

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🇬🇷 MagicPattern: From branding products to building websites, MagicPattern gives you the creative power to amaze your clients. (Founded 2020, Total Funding Amount: bootstrapped)

Here’s what MagicPattern users have to say about the product.

How it works

MagicPattern generates unlimited high-quality background graphics for your clients and your products.

The Metrics

  • MRR: $1.1k/mo

  • Daily Active Users: 100-200 users

  • Paid Users: 276

  • Registered Users: 20k

The Team

Founded by Jim Raptis, who is based in Greece. Jim is a full-time indie hacker and creator. He builds, launches, and grows products all by himself.

Previously, Jim co-founded VisualEyes (a VC-backed company) along with 3 co-founders. Building VisualEyes helped him learn many valuable entrepreneurial lessons that assisted him on the indie hacking journey.

The backstory

I’ve been designing websites, graphics & marketing assets for over 8 years now. And I found it’s difficult to create an engaging background even if you’re a pro designer.

So, I started experimenting with generative art and SVG graphics to solve this problem with creative coding.

Twitter avatar for @d__raptisJim Raptis @d__raptis
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The long-term vision for MagicPattern is to dominate the no-design world. Helping people (creative or not) to create amazing graphics is my number one goal.

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