🚀 Crunch #039: Custom-tailored Pillow, Spotify Profiles on Steroids

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🇺🇸 Pluto: A custom-tailored pillow just for your body type. (Founded 2018, Total Funding Amount: seed)

I’m all about optimizing sleep. The better the sleep, the faster I recover from my workout sessions. We sleep 1/3 of our lives, so quality sleep is highly recommended.

How it works

Buyers take a survey that asks about their height, weight, age, sleeping position, current mattress, heat preferences, and more.

With that information, they create a custom pillow for your unique sleep profile.

Check out the frequently asked questions for more details about the pillow itself.

The Team

Based in San Francisco and Los Angeles, US, founded by Susana Saeliu.

The backstory

We think pillows should be breathable, temperature-regulating, and bounce back. In a fast-paced world filled with great technologies, we also believe electronics shouldn’t have a place near our heads when we sleep.

We just want a great pillow that uses innovative materials and better yet, they should be customized to us for optimized support and comfort — all at a great price point.

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🇮🇩 volt.fm: Better Spotify profiles. (Founded 2021, Total Funding Amount: bootstrapped)

How it works

Users promote playlists and gain followers, share playlists with anyone, compare music tastes, and receive monthly reports.

The Metrics

The Team

My name is Soheil Rashidi and I'm based in Bali, Indonesia.

I moved here three years ago to live as a digital nomad and to work on my indie projects.

Before volt.fm,  I launched three products: pikaso.mepostsheet.com, and rippd.app.

The backstory

I got the idea for volt.fm after I received my Spotify Wrapped report last year.

I thought it would be cool if I had a page with my Spotify stats that I could share with anyone. I launched the first version on March 3rd, and it's been growing rapidly since then. It has close to 50,000 users now.

My vision for volt.fm is to make it a place where users can discover new music and connect with other people with similar tastes.

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