🔥 Crunch #043: Less anxiety & Better mood, Faster GraphQL APIs

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Trevor here. Another week, another cohort of exciting startups that are shaping the future.

We’re almost at the 1000 subscribers milestone. I wonder if there’s interest in starting a syndicate group and co-invest in some of the companies.

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🇬🇧 Iona Mind: Software-based mental health treatments. Less anxiety. Better mood. Made easier with technology. (Founded 2019, Total Funding Amount: bootstrapped, YC S21 Cohort)

With Iona, you get insights into your common thinking patterns, which help you to overcome your biases.

How it works

Iona walks you through guided check-ins to help you understand your internal dialogue. It’s like having a therapist or a coach in your pocket.

Mental health is crucial for feeling well and balanced. With Iona, you build habits that improve your mental wellbeing and emotional resilience.

You can also track mood and identify patterns of thinking and behavior. This increases your emotional awareness so you can manage difficult feelings.

The Team

Based in UK, London. Co-founded by Philip Howson and Jonathan Baker.

The backstory

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🇦🇹 GraphCDN: Content Delivery Network (CDN) with caching, analytics, and security for GraphQL APIs. (Founded 2021, Total Funding Amount: undisclosed angel round)

With GraphCDN, you get (1) insights into your GraphQL API performance, which makes (2) debugging issues faster. (3) Understand your API’s traffic and make it more secure.

GraphCDN analyses incoming queries and automatically prevents server or database overloads by blocking deeply nested queries at the edge.

Your servers can be written in any programming language. GraphCDN is an API gateway, that sits in front of your infrastructure and proxies through any uncached requests.

The Team

Based in Vienna, Austria. Co-founded by Tim Suchanek and Max Stoiber.

The backstory

We’ve spent many sleepless nights worrying about scaling, uptime, security, and performance in our careers.

Now, we want to take care of that for you. So you can focus on building a great product instead.

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