🔥 Crunch #044: Powerful LinkedIn Analytics, Collaborative bookmarks for teams

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Trevor here. Exciting times! — I’m launching a new podcast SaaS at the end of July or early August. I listen to podcasts every day and I’m bullish & passionate about podcasts.

It’s called podmentions.co Alerts and Notifications for Podcast Phrases & Keywords (B2B + B2C). Join the waitlist if you’re curious about the launch.

I’m raising an angel round ($100k-300k). See the angel investor memo for the details. The funds are mainly used for further product development.

If you’re passionate about podcasts and software, reach out to me, and let’s brainstorm together. I have a couple of great ideas and distribution strategies.

Here we go — crunch #44 is packed with two brilliant startups. By the way, I’m open to facilitating intros. Free of charge.

🇩🇪 inlytics: Provides you with a comprehensive web dashboard that lets you analyze all your personal LinkedIn data in one place. (Founded 2021, Total Funding Amount: bootstrapped)

Optimize your content LinkedIn performance, while at the same time grow your influence.

How it works

You get insights most users won’t by analyzing important key metrics like the engagement rate, or the time history progression of certain metrics.

I like Inlytics since it lets me know what my audience likes. That increases the quality of my content.

The Team

The company is based in Stuttgart, Germany. Founded by Tim Schmidbauer.

“We’re not backed by any investment nor did we spend any money on acquiring users so far. It all grew organically.” — Founder, Tim

Before Inlytics, Tim worked at early-bird coffee. Before working at early-bird coffee, Tim worked at an incubator with over 35 startups. The incubator included projects from companies such as Mercedes Benz, EnBW, Coca Cola, Sparkasse, and more.

The backstory

We are on our mission to democratize LinkedIn analytics in a way that everybody can use our solution without being a data geek.

We deliver actionable insights to improve content performance. Inlytics is free to get started.

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Partner shoutout to Alternative Assets

There are a million newsletters about stocks and VC. Stefan's newsletter is about the world of investment options that don't get talked about as much. Think sports cards, collectibles, rare books, NFTs, and artwork.

Every week, Stefan and Wyatt dive into a different alternative asset. Past issues include investing in racehorses, watches, billboards, even newsletters themselves. 

There’s a world of opportunity out there. Come explore it.

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🇬🇧 Bkmark: Collaborative bookmarks for teams. (Founded 2020, Total Funding Amount: bootstrapped)

How it works

One place for all your important links. Bkmark helps teams and creators save information, share ideas, and discuss the gems they find on the web.

All your bookmarks are indexed. Find anything just as you would when searching the web.

Bkmark analyses the bookmarks you save. Once finished, they automatically tag them for you, so you can find them easily later.

The Metrics

  • ~550 active users and growing.

  • ~$100/mo. — Despite the small revenue, the customers are loving the product. — Will Bkmarks grow into a large company?

The Team

The company is based in UK, London. Founded by Boris Tane. Originally from Yaounde, Cameroon 🇨🇲 — these days you can find him in rainy London.

The backstory

I consume a lot of web content and I like saving resources for reference, anything from articles and tutorials to recipes.

I ended up with links saved in the most random places (my email drafts for example) and it was not working.

I created Bkmark to curate, organize, and share the gems I found on the web.

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