🦄 Crunch #047: Creator Branding Packages, Voice Memos for Podcast Owners

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Trevor here. I just got my second vaccine shot and I feel great.

Welcome to everyone who recently signed up. Each week I pick two promising early-stage startups and publish them here.

Here are this week’s two startups growing rapidly and full of potential.

🇦🇹 indiebrands.io: Platform where entrepreneurs purchase original branding packages. (Founded 2021, Total Funding Amount: bootstrapped)

How it works

Indiebrands lets startup founders avoid hours of brainstorming. Startups founders can focus on building their product instead.

Pick a brand you like and purchase it. After the purchase, it’s yours forever. Each brand up for sale includes a logo, domain, merch, and more extras.

The Metrics

  • $1.8k/mo — Currently growing at a rate of 150% per month.

  • ~6250 unique users. — Increased by 200% from June since they released a free tool to calculate different SaaS pricing models.

The Team

Based in Vienna, Austria, founded by Laurids Kern.

The backstory

Our goal is to enable creators and entrepreneurs to focus more on their products by helping them to reduce time spent on naming and branding. 

We’re planning to expand resources and tools to further help founders with their products. 

Indiebrands.io is fully bootstrapped. Laurids started working on it in January and eventually released it in February. Laurids teamed up with David Lauchenauer in April.

Request intro to Indiebrands.io

Partner shoutout to NanoVMs

NanoVMs is a California-based company that is creating an operating system designed for today’s generation of cloud infrastructure.

NanoVMs runs Linux software faster and safer than Linux through unikernels. They’re currently running a campaign on StartEngine where anyone is allowed to invest.

See the NanoVM campaign for details

🇬🇧 memo.fm: Platform where podcast fans record and send voice messages to podcasters. (Founded 2021, Total Funding Amount: bootstrapped)

I’m a big fan of podcasts and the ecosystem around them. Memo.fm is a compelling tool for podcast creators to communicate with their audience.

How it works

Podcast owners set up their custom Memo page for their podcast. Share the link with the audience and let anyone send you voice messages.

If you’re curious to learn more, try the live demo here.

The Metrics

  • 2,297 page views this month.

  • 98 voice messages sent to 51 voice inboxes.

  • 1 paying customer — (Keep in mind, Memo is just over a month old)

The Team

Based in London, United Kingdom. Founded by Ramy Khuffash.

Ramy is a full-time indie hacker since early 2018. Now he's building a portfolio of small bets.

Ramy’s currently building memo.fm in public. You can follow his progress on Twitter @ramykhuffash.

The backstory

My long-term goal with Memo is to create a product that's a no-brainer for podcasters.

Request intro to Memo.fm

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