🔥 Crunch #31: Hackerhouse for geeks, Healthier employees with this enterprise health promotion platform

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🇫🇷 hackerhouse: Co-living spaces for geeks. (Founded 2016, Total Funding Amount: bootstrapped)

How it works

Traveling digital nomads get access to productive co-living spaces and hotels worldwide. With a monthly membership.

Hacker co-living spaces are a great way to move your project forward. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer, or a growing startup.

Imagine all the expertise in the same space. While having beers, wine, or coffee!

If you own real estate, you’re eligible to become a booker. Bookers earn up to €1.2k per month, depending on the real estate and location.

Here’s how they estimate the earning potential for real estate owners.


  • $9k/mo, 1 219 members signed up, 3258 page views per month

  • Available in 7 cities, with an average stay of 3.5 months

  • More metrics

The Team

Based in Paris, France. Stephane Bounmy is the CEO and founder. Stephane has 10+ years of experience developing web applications.

The backstory

After watching HBO Silicon Valley, we wanted to make a hackerhouse. So we bought the domain hackerhouse.paris and built a landing page.

Shortly after we launched the landing page — we had people signing up from all over Paris.”

Why it’s worth checking out

“HackerHouse is an amazing place to live in Paris. It’s located at the center of the city, and everything you need is a walk away. I recommend anyone who wants to move to Paris to live in HackerHouse.” — Rithvik Reddy

🇪🇪 YuMuuv: Corporate health promotion platform. It brings fitness activity data from different wearable devices to one platform. (Founded 2019, Total Funding Amount: €330k pre-seed)

How it works

Enterprises register their companies and set up monthly fitness goals. Employees compete for activity points and win prizes.

Every user wears an activity monitor. Such as a watch, armband, or whatever, and the app measures their progress.

Long sessions of sitting are terrible for your health. I’m also guilty of that. The mobile app uses science-based formulas so employees become more active.

Science has shown there’s a direct correlation between productivity and physical fitness. In simple terms, fit people are happier, and happier employees are more productive. It’s a win-win.


The Team

Based in Tartu, Estonia (my hometown!) — Jakob Remmel is the CEO and founder — Jakob has +15 years with wearable tech, studied philosophy, and is a military Lieutenant in reserve.

The backstory

Companies are handing out free health credit. Why? They hope that this approach would get their employees to be more active and healthier. Unfortunately, this method does not work most of the time.

“We’re hands-on, and our mission is to get every employee active. Our mission is a positive breakthrough in global physical activity trends.” — Jakob

Why it’s worth checking out:

Large userbase among large enterprises here in Estonia. It’s not easy to convince companies to try something new, yet somehow YuMuuv has convinced many enterprises to try it. And so far they’re loving it.

I came across YuMuuv via a friend who works in one of the largest labs in Europe. She seems to be enjoying the experience. Her company bought her and every lab employee an activity monitor for the sole purpose to use the app.

YuMuuv is currently raising a seed round. If this sounds interesting, feel free to reply to this email for a warm intro. (pro-members only)

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