🔥 Crunch #027: Clean up your inbox, Bundle Shopify Subscriptions, When TikTok meets dating, AI-powered content generator

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Trevor here. Here are 4 startups worth your time.

🇬🇧 Leave Me Alone: An automated and convenient way to mass-unsubscribe from unwanted emails. (Founded 2019, Total Funding Amount: bootstrapped)

Users pay a one-time fee for the comfort and for the time saved. There’s a monthly subscription option for those whose inboxes are drowning in spam.


The backstory: A couple of Nomad Makers: the story of how it all began.

Why it’s worth checking out:

(1) Gaining traction and popularity among the Indie Hackers community.

(2) The team is working on a new awesome feature called “Inbox Shield” that protects your inbox from spam and marketers — which might be a hit.

(3) Unique design and branding, check out their website to see what I mean. It’s not for everyone — but I like it, and it distinguishes them from the rest of the pack.

Note: To save you some headache, here’s the catch — James mentioned they’re not currently interested in fundraising capital. Granted, it’s still a potentially great company to keep on your radar.

I believe anything is up for negotiation. Basecamp, a “celebrity” startup, swore they would never take outside funding — only to be funded by Mr. Jeff Bezos.

🇺🇸 Bundle: Subscription integration app for Shopify merchants and stores. (Founded 2020, Total Funding Amount: angel/pre-seed stage, backed by YC)

You might wonder, why on earth would an e-commerce store need a subscription? — Here’s why it’s a great idea — selling subscription-based consumables, like coffee, tea, shaving razors, is becoming a hot trend.

For instance, shoppers pay a monthly (or annual) fee and receive a fresh batch of coffee or tea. — You’ll never run out of coffee or tea again. Brilliant! I’ll have the green tea subscription.

The options are unlimited for subscription-based store owners. I don’t shop that much, but I’ve seen a subscription-based store that sends you a fresh mix of clothes every second month.

The backstory: “We created Bundle to help brands reimagine how they build long-term engagement—through subscription and member services.” — Founder & CEO, Emily (Yang) Yuhas

Why it’s worth checking out:

(1) I’m bullish on $SHOP and its massive ecosystem of store-enhancing apps.

I’m bullish on Shopify since there’s 50% growth each year, and some years even topping 100% growth. For comparison, >40% YoY growth for startups is excellent, but for such a behemoth public company, it’s astonishing.

(2) Shopify features the best apps in their app store and Bundle was the #1 app the previous week.

All that growth means the Shopify app store ecosystem is in prime time for innovation right now.

Here’s the data to back my claims for Shopify gross profits growth, on an annual basis.

I’m using 🇨🇦HyperCharts for the data, which was featured in edition 14.

If you’re using Yahoo or Apple Charts, give HyperCharts a try. I think you’re gonna love it.

🇨🇦 Snack: A video-first dating app. When TikTok meets dating. (Founded 2020, Total Funding Amount: $3.5m pre-seed)

Here’s how it works: Snack users record and upload a video and post it to a feed. Similar to how Instagram works. Once users have liked each others’ videos, they are allowed to connect through direct messages

The backstory: Kim Kaplan, the CEO of Snack, went on my favorite startups/business shows — This Week in Startups. Check out the video and hear from Kim herself about the backstory. I went through it and can confirm, it’s a highly entertaining interview. — Recommend tuning in.

Why it’s worth checking out: Instead of binary swiping yes or no on Tinder — younger people prefer to date via indirect methods, such as dancing on TikTok, sharing stories on Instagram, or chatting on Snapchat.

Another reason why Snack has an advantage over older dating methods is that dating couples hate to say they met online. You know, the whole “if things get serious let’s tell our parents we met at the park” shebang.

The Snack team has a solid understanding of their users’ demography. Perhaps they’re able to reduce the stigmatization of online dating and make it fun again?

🇺🇸🇿🇦 ContentBot: AI-powered content generator. Tweak it and generate unique and original articles. (Founded 2021, Total Funding Amount: bootstrapped)

See it working live — short demo video below.

Why it’s worth checking out:

(1) Solid product, great design, innovative idea, passionate and hard-working team.

(2) Just over 3 months old startup. Gaining traction, and has over 70 paying customers already. Strong market product-fit case.

The backstory: “So far, we've helped 2310 content marketers and copywriters produce over 3.2 million words of copy.

I want to be clear though - this tool is not meant to mass produce articles at scale. We are heavily against that. We at ContentBot are committed to the responsible use of AI with a cornerstone of ethical principles that put people first.

However, if you're looking to get inspiration and fight back against the dreaded blank page - you can generate meaningful copy in seconds. Simply tweak it, edit it, add to it and you're good to go!” — Nick Duncan

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