Crunch #001

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Trevor here. I’m in experimental mode. Let’s try something new.

Crunches are a list of startups with short descriptions. I plan to do this weekly or bi-weekly, depending on the demand.

Cut the chase. Here they are.

Scrimba: Online coding school that is both personalized and scalable. Scrimba has over 120K monthly active students. It's based on a new video format that makes the screencasts interactive for students. Also, the screencasts are easier to create for teachers. Their vision is to create a coding school that has the quality of Stanford but the price of a gym membership. Scrimba is a Y Combinator summer 2020 company.

Edumus: Similiar to Uber, but for teachers instead. Full-time working professionals can go back to school as gig workers. Teachers can teach students what they learned in the workspace. Scientists, developers, engineers, and other professionals have the opportunity to teach students. Currently, Edumus operates in Estonia. They have a global program for anyone looking to get started in their region.

Splitbee: Fast, reliable, and modern analytics solution for any team. You can do the following: View incoming traffic in real-time, uncover where users come from and what pages they visit. Deep dive into your ad campaigns and check what converts best. Clean UI and friendly pricing.

Matter: Social reading app for articles, blogs, and newsletters. Currently in private beta on iOS. The Matter company was founded in 2019. In 2020, they got accepted to the Y Combinator summer 2020 patch. I signed up early and received the private beta access; I can vouch it’s worth joining the waitlist.

1build: Converts building blueprints into material shopping lists. That includes cost estimates with machine learning technology. 1build are using an algorithmic data-driven approach. That approach enables people and machines to collaborate on building design and construction. 1build is a Y Combinator winter 2020 company.

Talyn Air: Talyn is making long-range electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) planes for passengers and cargo. They focus on long-range planes and have over 3x the range from competitors. Talyn is a Y Combinator winter 2020 company.

“While many other companies are doing this that you may have heard of (Joby, Lilium, etc), they have a maximum achievable range of sub 100 miles. We have 3X the range at over 300 miles. We do this by making electric fixed-wing planes that are caught mid-air with a custom winged drone, enabling it to take-off and land vertically.”

headlime: Gives you access to high-converting headlines. Generates hundreds of headlines for you by answering a few questions. Headlime has hundreds of headline formulas. Tested on millions of visitors. I tried it, and it works well.

“Your ad, landing page, article, or email could be perfect, but if your headline sucks, people will leave and won’t ever see your offer.

I used to be a Conversion Rate Specialist Consultant for major companies. Headlines were the first thing I optimized for my clients. With better headlines, I increased their conversion rates.”

mailbrew: Your feeds, writers, and newsletters in a single email digest. Tame the feeds with a daily email. I use mailbrew to get all the interesting threads and discussions in my inbox so I’m always one step ahead.

“Your favorite sources. Your favorite newsletters. Saved links. All in one place.”

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