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🇺🇸 super: Turn your Notion pages into fast, functional websites with custom domains, fonts, analytics, and more.

🇪🇪 Sentinel: Defends against deep fakes and information warfare. Detection modeled after cybersecurity’s standard of Defense in Depth (DiD).

🇱🇻 fixar: Builds efficient drones for commercial use. They use a proprietary operating system and flight controllers.

🇫🇮 Solar Foods: Designs a new kind of nutrient-rich protein using only air and electricity. Founded in 2017 and set for commercial launch in 2021.

🇫🇮 GetJenny: AI-powered customer support chatbot. Enhances the effectiveness of customer support teams.

🇺🇸 rive: Real-time interactive design tool. Allows you to design, animate, and integrate your assets into any platform.

🇱🇹 pixevia: AI + camera + sensor-powered self-governing stores. You walk in, take what you want, and go on with your day. Detects items taken from the shelves and creates a shopping cart.

🇬🇧 Let’s Enhance: AI-powered platform to automate image processing. Allows you to produce visuals at scale.

🇺🇸 roboflow: Transforms raw images into a trained computer vision model in minutes.

🇱🇹 oxipit: AI-based chest X-Ray radiology suite; For medical imaging. — They produce preliminary reports for healthy patients. The software suite includes priority management, computer-assisted diagnosis, pathology localization, and visual search.

🇪🇪 hive: Smarter security, anti-fraud, and compliance solutions for fast-growing businesses. Companies of all sizes face the question of whether to build or buy a security solution. Hive provides you with cost-effective and fast solutions.

🇷🇴 teleporthq: Visual development and collaboration platform for designers and developers. Tackle the increasing complexity of building user interfaces for web and mobile.

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I look for strong positive signals using the FPTM model: Founders — Product — Traction — Mission.

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