Crunch #005

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Trevor here — and here’s a cohort of formidable startups that could crush it.

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The primary focus is on European and US markets. But never say never to various brilliant opportunities.

🇸🇪 Hooked Foods: Develops a plant-based shredded salmon product.

🇫🇮 🇩🇪 Customer service automation platform for your contact center.

🇫🇮 ReceiptHero: Delivers receipts automatically from merchants to your banking and accounting apps.

🇪🇸 bugfender: Cloud error log storage service for developers. Reproduce and resolve bugs quicker. Provide better customer support with crash reports.

🇺🇸 Hellosaurus: An online learning platform that offers creative programs, fun activities, and video classes for kids. Built for kids, loved by parents.

🇪🇪 woola: Packaging made of leftover sheep wool. Reduces the plastic waste of online shopping.

🇬🇧 Webiny:  Provides serverless developer tools, libraries, ready-made apps, and processes. Reduces the cost of infrastructure and saves you development costs.

🇱🇹 Kevin: Secure payments infrastructure. Unlocks open banking protocols to innovate new payments systems.

🇺🇸 wavve: Turn your podcast or musical audio into engaging animated videos. ($134k/mo)

🇺🇸 Bumped: Receive shares of stock and securities from your favorite brands while shopping.

🇪🇪 waybiller: Replace your paper-based waybills with digital waybills. 

🇬🇧 Actual Budget: An online platform for budget and savings tracking. Fast and privacy-focused.

🇪🇪 warren: A self-service cloud platform for regional infrastructure service providers.

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I look for strong positive signals using the FPTM model: Founders — Product — Traction — Mission.

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