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🇺🇸  hebbia: “Cmd+F, Reinvented” — Find relevant info with an AI-powered in-page search. Intelligent search that's 20X faster than skimming. (founded 2020, previous funding: pre-seed)

🇪🇪 Klaus: Increases customer service quality for support teams. Makes internal feedback easy and systematic. (founded 2017, prev funding: Series A)

🇺🇸 MicroAcquire: Startup acquisition marketplace. Say goodbye to brokers. (founded 2020, prev funding: bootstrapped)

🇫🇮 Port 6: Creating the future of human-computer interaction technologies by virtualizing natural human movement. (founded 2020, prev funding: seed)

🇬🇧 wovn: Retail inventory insights for fashion brands. Predicts shopping demand and reduces storage waste. (founded 2020, prev funding: undisclosed)

🇱🇻 ZoomCharts: Data visualization and charting software. (founded 2013, prev funding: seed)

🇺🇸  linearb: Analytics and insights for software development teams. (founded 2018, prev funding: seed)

🇬🇧 Carnot: Researching and manufacturing a hydrogen engine. The hydrogen engine reduces fuel consumption and lowers CO2 emissions. (founded 2019, prev funding: crowd equity round)

🇸🇪 estrid: Subscription-based service that delivers razors to women. (founded 2019, prev funding: undisclosed)

🇪🇪 Outfunnel: Sales-centric marketing automation tool. (founded 2017, prev funding: pre-seed)

🇺🇸 Motion: Productivity tool that prevents you from getting distracted on the web. Real-time interventions, reminders, and analytics. (founded 2019, prev funding: seed)

🇺🇸 Slide: Launch your website using your phone. Free and powerful web page builder on your phone. (founded 2019, prev funding: unfunded)

🇬🇧 NextUp: Discover and watch stand-up comedy from rising stars. Live comedy worldwide. (founded 2016, prev funding: seed)

🇳🇱 stack: Browser for multitaskers. Manage your apps in one place. Instead of browser tabs, it uses web apps. (founded 2019, prev funding: seed)

🇺🇸 HotLogic: Designs and manufactures innovative portable ovens. (founded 2007, prev funding: undisclosed)

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