Crunch #012

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Without further ado — here are this week’s startups that are crushing it!

🇺🇸 Biocogniv: Develops AI-powered clinical software tools for hospitals. Enables healthcare systems to leverage the latest developments in artificial intelligence to reduce costs and improve the quality of care. (Founded 2019, prev funding: pre-seed)

🇨🇦 Nototo: A workspace that allows you to organize all of your information in one place. We have visual-spatial memory — leverage that with Nototo. (Founded 2019, prev funding: seed)

🇩🇪 Electry: LinkedIn for skilled blue-collar workers. Helps electronics engineers and plant mechanics to find jobs. (Founded 2019, prev funding: seed)

Note: Website only in German.

🇱🇹 properenty: Rent management solution for landlords and tenants. Manage leases, communicate with tenants, automatically collect rent, utility payments, and more. (Founded 2020, prev funding: pre-seed)

🇺🇸 rive: Interactive design tool that allows you to design, animate, and integrate your assets into any platform. (Founded 2016, prev funding: seed)

🇨🇦 LSK Technologies: A diagnostic lab in a box. Includes a high-throughput analyzer for COVID-19 at point-of-need. (Founded 2020, prev funding: seed)

🇺🇸 Bandit ML: Machine learning service that optimizes incentives for e-commerce companies. Sends the right offer at the right time to your customers to boost profit & retention. (Founded 2019, prev funding: pre-seed)

🇺🇸 Openbase: Helps developers choose among millions of open-source packages. (Founded 2019, prev funding: seed)

🇬🇧 Ness Labs: Neuroscience-based content for knowledge workers. The community of curious humans who want to achieve more without sacrificing their mental health. (Founded 2017, prev funding: bootstrapped)

🇺🇸 Jeeves: A corporate card tailored for global startups. Pay for anything, anywhere, in your local currency. Mobile-first approach, built with your team in mind. (Founded 2019, prev funding: seed)

🇸🇪 Juni: Develops a banking app and platform for e-commerce and online marketing entrepreneurs. Currently in beta. (Founded 2020, prev funding: seed)

🇪🇪 10Lines: Builds and researches autonomous robots that deliver high-quality parking lot striping work. Over 10 years of experience in the parking lot marking industry. Grasps the ins and outs of the challenges that striping companies are facing. (Founded: 2019, prev funding: €25k grant)

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