🚀 Crunch #013

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Trevor here. Back with another edition of Startups Crushing It!

Without further ado — here’s this week’s cohort of awesome startups.

🇩🇪 Strive School: Training the next generation of software engineers in Europe. Strive School works with those pursuing STEM fields to help them become job-ready software engineers. (Founded: 2019, prev funding: angel round)

🇺🇸 chilipepper: Create beautiful forms that are connected to your Notion pages. Built to look great in Notion. Embed easily on any page — public or private. Currently in beta. (Founded 2020, prev funding: bootstrapped)

🇬🇧 flippednormals: The only curated CG marketplace. High-quality training & resources by the world's best artists. $37k/mo. (Founded: 2013, prev funding: bootstrapped)

“We filter everything but the highest quality tutorials and resources, so our customers don't have to.” — Founder, Morten Jaeger

🇺🇸 The Agent Nest: Marketing platform for real estate agencies. Never worry about marketing materials for your business again. $5.8k/mo. (Founded: 2019, prev funding: bootstrapped)

“My girlfriend and I created The Agent Nest, so we could work on a project together. This was a great chance for us to use her marketing skills, and my programming skills.” — Founder, Shane White

🇺🇸 SuperTokens: Sign-in and session management solution for web and mobile apps. Open-source alternative to Auth0, AWS Cognito, or Firebase Auth. (Founded 2019, prev funding: seed)

🇪🇪 Plausible Analytics: A simple and privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics. No cookies and fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and PECR. $10k/mo. (Founded 2019, prev funding: bootstrapped)

“We got fed up with Google making more and more evil choices. So we started de-googling our own lives and websites.

We also wanted to help fight back by creating a simple, useful, and privacy-first alternative to Google Analytics for other site owners” — co-founder, Marko Saric

🇨🇦 Spart: A new social media app for artists that encourages collaboration and community building. Fuel your creativity. (Founded 2019, prev funding: bootstrapped)

🇬🇧 Thankbox: Send group cards online. Thankbox is a simple and enjoyable way of collecting messages and funds from family, friends, or colleagues. $5k/mo — (Founded 2020, bootstrapped)

“Thankbox addresses a key frustration I've faced in the many different teams I've worked with -- how to celebrate a member's occasion. Be it a birthday, farewell or just expressing gratitude for a job well done.” — Founder, Valentin Hinov

🇫🇮 Beeper: All your chats in one app. Search, snooze, or archive messages. And with a unified inbox, you’ll never miss a message again. (Founded 2020, prev funding: bootstrapped)

🇺🇸 stagger: Visual storytelling platform. Studies a brand's creativity through machine learning to help tell an effective story. Currently in beta. (Founded 2019, prev funding: bootstrapped)

🇹🇷 Screpy: All-in-one and AI-powered SEO and website analysis tool. One dashboard, all your websites. (Founded 2020, prev funding: bootstrapped)

🇪🇪 Vok Bike: City bike, made for couriers. When a car is too much, yet a scooter is not enough. VOK is the smartest vehicle for greener cities. (Founded 2019, prev funding: pre-seed)

“Vok is developed for couriers and postal workers. It’s way more economical than a car, but still offers stability, safety, and comfort.

Includes a spacious cargo compartment and a maximum speed of 25km/h are perfect for swift urban deliveries”.  — Founder, Indrek Petjärv

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