Crunch #015

Your weekly dose of winning startups

Trevor here. Here are this week’s brilliant startups. Let’s go!

🇸🇪 supernormal: Video messaging for teams. Video and screen recording right in your browser. Automatically transcribed, summarized, and easily shareable. (Founded 2020, prev funding: $2m seed)

🇬🇧 🇺🇸 Casual: A fresh approach to building financial models, visualizing data, and communicating with numbers. Build your financial models effortlessly and share them with interactive and visual dashboards that everyone will understand. Example here. (Founded 2019, prev funding: angel round)

🇷🇴 Bunnyshell: Simple and fast cloud-agnostic DevOps automation platform to deploy, scale, and optimize your applications. (Founded 2018, prev funding: €950k seed)

🇫🇷 Logology: The logo maker for design lovers. (Founded 2018, prev funding: bootstrapped)

“A most affordable way to get a designer-quality logo when you’re just getting started.” — Founder, Dagobert Renouf

🇺🇸 Soundwise: Deliver audio products to your audience's devices securely and smoothly. Create paid or private podcasts or self-publish audiobooks. (Founded 2018, prev funding: bootstrapped)

“When I started Soundwise, nobody thought it was a good idea. People told me that a platform for on-demand audios was too ordinary, too fringe, too passé, had too small a market, with too many competing solutions…oh and also, that I didn’t have the right team, the right experience, the right industry connections… And while everyone was doubtful, the amount of personal doubt I felt was probably the greatest.

So when nobody, I myself included, was all that impressed with the idea of Soundwise, I did what was the right thing to do— I decided to build it. Looking back, we as a company couldn’t be happier with that decision.” — Founder, Natasha Che

🇨🇦 brisqi: Offline-first personal Kanban app for productivity. An elegant & practical task management tool for all your needs. (Founded 2020, prev funding: bootstrapped)

🇺🇸 🇦🇷 Palabra: No-code tool to automate your emails and sending segmented campaigns. (Founded 2020, prev funding: $100k pre-seed)

🇺🇸 Signum: Offers a range of AI-powered tools aimed to increase marketing and sales teams’ productivity. (Founded 2019, prev funding: $630k seed)

🇪🇪 Vumonic Datalabs: Provides market tracking and intelligence to ride-hail, food delivery, and e-commerce companies. (Founded 2018, prev funding: ~€200k seed round)

🇺🇸🇦🇲 Cauldron: Get to know the people behind the resumes. Software that redefines the job application process and lets you meet the best candidates in the shortest time. (Founded 2019, prev funding: bootstrapped)

“We've been building products in HR Tech for 4 years. We saw that the job application process is the root of many problems in recruiting.

Companies are screening and testing skills anyway, so why not put all of that at the top of the funnel.— Inside the job application itself, so that both candidates and recruiters spend less time."— Co-founder, Vahan Melkonyan

🇺🇸 Blush: Create and customize stunning illustrations with collections made by artists across the globe. (Founded 2020, prev funding: pre-seed)

🇨🇿 🇨🇭 Sentien Audio: An interface connecting you to your smartphone so you can get things done more efficiently. Better connectivity, better productivity, better possibilities. (Founded 2019, prev funding: seed)

“While sketching out the biggest challenges we face now and will face in the future, I zeroed in on one. Getting the most utility out of computers.” — Founder, Imrich Valach Jr.

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