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🇪🇸 linguaso: Learn new languages by watching videos with subtitles combined with a real‑time dictionary. Currently in beta. See the English language learning example here. (Founded 2019, Total Funding Amount: bootstrapped)

Currently supports the following languages: Spanish, English, French, and Italian.

“Linguaso was born as a personal struggle I had when I started studying French. I wanted to make myself learn the language via entertaining immersion, instead of academic learning.”— Founder, Mikel Torres

🇺🇸 Zubtitle: Add captions to your videos effortlessly, and make your social media videos stand out. Zubtitle transcribes the spoken words from your video and adds the text as timed captions. $103k/mo. (Founded 2018, Total Funding Amount: bootstrapped)

“Adding captions to videos is painfully tedious. Zubtitle makes it easy by transcribing audio and automatically generating open captions for any video.” — Co-founder, Baird Hall

🇩🇪 GlassDollar: Enabler of corporate-startup partnerships. Software that helps innovation managers source, manage, and successfully scale impactful startup collaborations within their organizations. (Founded 2017, Total Funding Amount: pre-seed €50K)

”GlassDollar enables startups to seize new business opportunities, improve their products, and build authority in their industry.” — Founder & CEO, Fabian Dudek

🇬🇧 🇹🇷 Finage: Provides APIs for developers and companies to access financial data. (Founded 2019, Total Funding Amount: TBD)

“We believe financial data should be understandable and accessible for everyone.

We are software engineers based in London working for over 10 years of developing financial applications and platforms.” — Co-founder & CEO, Remzi Gökhan Uçkan

🇪🇪 🇵🇱 deltabadger: Dollar-Cost averaging tool for Bitcoin exchanges. Works with popular exchanges. Five-minute setup. $6.5k/mo. (Founded 2019, Total Funding Amount: bootstrapped)

Read more about the Deltabager strategy of dollar-cost averaging here.

“For years, I needed such a service so that I can recommend it to my friends and family. They're already waiting for it, and I'll be happy to host it even if it is not profitable. I doubt there is no market for it though.” — Founder, Jan Klosowski

🇺🇸 eqtble: Makes it easy for companies to gain insights from their HR data. (Founded 2021, Total Funding Amount: $150k seed)

“We answer questions like why your top performers are leaving and why qualified candidates are declining offers.” — co-founder, Joseph Ifiegbu

🇺🇸 mindlogz: Helps you to build a daily writing habit with timely writing prompts, engaging challenges, and simple writing tools. Has a library of writing prompts to help inspire you to write. (Founded 2020, Total Funding Amount: bootstrapped)

“I wanted an easy way to keep my habit of daily writing. I don't like writing in a notebook, so I built a way to ask myself questions. (sometimes with my phone).” — Founder, Derek Hopper

Author Note: Mindlogz just landed their first customer a couple of days ago. Read here more.

🇫🇷 WeWeb: No-code website builder that helps makers ship outstanding websites. From design to production. (Founded 2018, Total Funding Amount: $1m seed round)

“We set off to create a next-generation site builder. One that could perfectly integrate with the no-code ecosystem, while using modern technologies developers love. Hence, WeWeb.io was born ❤️” — co-founder & CEO, Raphaël Goldsztejn

🇺🇸 Staff Mapper: Software that finds blind spots in your professional services firm. Converts unoccupied time into billable hours by tracking staff availability, feedback, and skillsets.

By better understanding who has the time to help, business owners can re-allocate their workspace workload. $1.6k/mo. (Founded 2018, Total Funding Amount: bootstrapped)

“My core philosophy is that each firm deserves a custom approach to resource management. Since people management is unique to each firm, and tools that help these firms should reflect their management style.”— Founder, Brice Vallieres

🇺🇸🇮🇳 Listnr: Create and compose high-quality AI-powered voice-overs. (Founded 2020, Total Funding Amount: bootstrapped)

Voice-overs are useful for Podcasters, YouTube creators, converting blog posts to audio format, or converting e-books into audiobooks.

“We’re on a mission to making voice-overs and podcasting easier for everyone.” — Founder & CEO, Ananay Batra

🇬🇧 OneSub: Independent platform on a mission to fix the news. Personalized news bias analysis. Wants to cut through the fake news and click-bait and save the free press. (Founded 2018, Total Funding Amount:  Equity Crowdfunding £106.8K)

“Our long-term goal is to challenge the funding model of mainstream news to provide an alternative to paywalls and click-bait. We don't serve adverts. We don't sell your data.” — Founder, Jim Morrison

🇩🇰 Pipe|bio: Bioinformatics SaaS platform for antibody, peptide screening, and drug development.

Offers tools for advanced graphical interactive filtering. Includes a powerful computational engine designed for the large volumes of NGS and Sanger datasets common in today’s biologic workflows. (Founded 2020, Total Funding Amount:  pre-seed/seed stage)

“We enable scientists to analyze and manage massive amounts of DNA sequencing data themselves without the need for bioinformaticians or programmers.

We believe that science moves faster when scientists can curate and analyze their own data.” — Co-founder, Jannick Bendtsen

🇸🇪 ImagiLabs: Builds gadgets that are customizable through coding from a mobile app. (Founded 2018, prev funding: $454k pre-seed round)

Learn to create with code, share your designs with friends on the imagiLabs app and customize your imagiCharm.

“We believe that in order for technology to benefit everyone, we need diversity among its creators. Women still make up less than 25% of the tech workforce in Europe. 

So, we’re giving coding superpowers to girls around the world so that they can grow up to be inventors, entrepreneurs, and change-makers thriving in our society.” — Co-founder & CEO, Dora Palfi

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