Crunch #021

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🇺🇸 Volv: 70-word news feed in an “Instagram meets Tinder”-like format. (Founded 2019, Total Funding Amount: seed-stage?)

Check out the “Amazon delivery drivers have to consent to AI surveillance or lose their jobs” article to see how it functions. Feel free to try the mobile app as well.

“We’re here to awaken the potential of a well-informed world. Fake news has never been more, and media bias more inescapable. This affects our perception of the truth and polarizes the nation. We want to change that.” — Co-founder, Shannon Almeida

🇺🇸 marble: AR-powered mobile app that lets you mark magic moments. Marbles are to mark your most cherished memories - right where they happened. (Founded 2019, Total Funding Amount: pre-seed)

🇩🇰 Cloage: Provides simple and affordable enterprise-class cloud storage solutions. (Founded 2020, Total Funding Amount: pre-seed/seed stage)

🇺🇸 Billflow: No-code Stripe billing flow within minutes. Live examples here. (Founded 2017, Total Funding Amount: bootstrapped)

“Our mission is to help B2B SaaS companies set up their billing infrastructure with Stripe Billing easier and faster.” — Founder & CEO, Shar Darafsheh

🇪🇸 Boardfy:  Price tracking and dynamic pricing platform. Optimizes prices in real-time. Monitor your competitors or distributors, make automated price changes, optimize Google Shopping campaigns, and more. (Founded 2016, Total Funding Amount: €230k seed)

”Our goal is to democratize the online pricing. We help companies and brands to develop their strategies by making pricing accessible through process automation and constant market monitoring.” — Co-founder, Fernando Gomez

🇺🇸 blotout: Unified source of truth for customer data in your enterprise IT infrastructure. Your own fully optimized data lake, ETL, BI, within your infrastructure. (Founded 2021, Total Funding Amount: ~$150k seed)

Empowers product analytics, marketing attribution, ROI computation, data governance, and BI. While also enabling consent-based sharing with other parties like Facebook or Hubspot.

“We are engineers, designers, operators, sales, and web/app developers who believe privacy is a fundamental right and must always be protected. “ — Co-founder & CEO, Mandar Shinde

🇱🇻 Jeff: Loan broker for the unbanked. Wants to serve the ~1 billion people in Asia who don’t have access to mainstream financial services. (Founded 2019, Total Funding Amount: $1.4m seed)

“Through years spent in FinTech and digital financial services industries, we have come to believe that there has to be a better way to connect borrowers and lending institutions. So we built Jeff.” — CEO & Co-founder, Toms Niparts

🇺🇸 Beacons: Mobile website builder for creators on TikTok and Instagram, with e-commerce and monetization built-in. (Founded 2019, Total Funding Amount: $150k pre-seed)

Set up an elegant page in one minute and monetize your TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram bio links.

Check out these websites for examples:

“We started out by talking to creators to figure out what they really needed. We quickly learned that the number one thing creators want is to make a living doing what they love.

Many of the creators we talked to didn't like to do influencer marketing too often because it felt inauthentic and like they were selling out.” — co-founder, David Zeng

🇺🇸 Idenati: Organize everything you do online in one place. Focus on what matters and become more productive. Organize files, navigate with fewer clicks, store and manage passwords, and more. (Founded 2019, Total Funding Amount: bootstrapped)

”Our mission is to create a simpler, more pleasant, and more productive experience inside the browser.” — Co-founder, Jeremy Hurst

🇪🇪 Yaga: Marketplace for pre-loved/pre-used fashion. (Founded 2017, Total Funding Amount: €665k angel round)

“Yaga launched a pilot in Tallinn, Estonia. We expanded to South Africa at the end of 2019 where Yaga shortly became the number one choice for young and hip South Africans for selling their preloved fashion pieces online.

With over 20 000 shops and 15 000 daily users, we have grown over 300% in SA in the last 6 months alone and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

We support local communities by giving everyone the chance to start their online business on Yaga. Our goal is to make peer-to-peer secondhand trading as easy and safe as possible” — Founder & CEO, Aune Aunapuu

🇱🇻 Winmill: Develops products that allow athletes to train and prepare for games more efficiently by using state-of-the-art robotics and machine learning. (Founded 2016, prev funding: €600k seed)

Currently operates the automated baseball training device that is capable of recreating any pitch thrown.

“Our startup idea came from a wish to build a training tool for ourselves to train in ice hockey.

One thing led to another— and we’re currently working to get our product introduced in the USA for ice hockey and baseball. “ — Founder & CEO, Mārtiņš Marenis

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